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My RS does the honor flight fundraiser

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I brought my old mack down to the dupage airport for display among the military trucks for the honor flight fundraiser today. It was so refreshing to see people salute the flag as the color guard brought it down the  aisle today instead of standing on it like a lot of turds are doing today. There was a tribute to all the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice as well as the MIAs first was taps then two bagpipers did amazing grace not many dry eyes in the room after that. The national anthem was sung by a woman who did a fantastic job and sang it the was it was supposed to be instead of adding their own personal flair to it that was a refreshing change as well. My friends the Legacy girls did a great job as always singing the Andrews sisters world war two hits those old guys just love them they see every flight off at 5:30 AM from midway airport to sing for these guys heading to Washington DC on the honor flights they even found time to strike a pose in front of my old mack.





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Ranchhopper, Thank you very much for taking the time to help honor our older veterans. This past summer my wife and l were in Washington DC on vacation. While we were at the WW2 memorial an Honor Flight tour arrived. What a moment it was to see the men and woman's expressions as they looked around the memorial.   "A wall of 4,048 Gold Stars silently pays solemn tribute to the sacrifice of more than 405,000 American lives." (Info from nps.gov)    God bless all our veterans.

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