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Keep breaking fan belts

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Got an 05 Granite with a ASET AI 460.  About 2000 miles ago I broke a brand new fan belt.  The one that goes around the crankshaft pulley and around the fan.  After the first one broke I carried a spare and also replaced the tensioner.  So today I broke the second one.  The pulleys don't have any visual wobble that I can tell.  Can you all tell me where to look to solve this problem?  Is the crankshaft pulley a harmonic balancer (??) as well.  Can a messed up harmonic balancer make it throw belts?  Thanks in advance for your time.

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The 2004 Visions that ABF had (over 500 of them) all did the same thing, drivers called them the "shredders". Drivers carried spare belts with them so vendors could repair them along side the road. ABF got rid of most of them before their time was due, and they didn't buy Macks again until 2008.

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