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1986 Mack air conditioner switch

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Hi guys

I just picked up another old Mack a 1986 RD tandem dump.

It has the 3 round style vent holes in air heater box and a single rocker switch in middle that was not hooked up to wires in rear of box. When I try plugging in wires I can get the ac to work but I also see the center cab vent outside of cab opens and I am trying to figure out how or why it opens and if it should. The outside vent on old r model has manual knob to crank open. This one has air line to it with electric switch also

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5 hours ago, excavator said:

Hey thanks. The rocker switch is only 2 position and might be the wrong one. Does anyone know if it has 3 position as heat max ac and ac

Yes it should have 3 positions . Just like ekennedy21 said, the vent should open on heat and a/c but should be closed for max a/c Image.jpg

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Hey thanks for pic

Mine looks just like the pic however the switch that was in there was not hooked up and is only 2 position. I will get a 3 position and see how that does. Do you know how many wires plug into 3 position switch in that pic

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  • 5 years later...

I have an 86 r model Mack and the a/c turns on but the cable connected to the switch that moves left to right to have air blow out front vents is broken!! The switch will not move. The cable runs back into metal box I can’t even stick my hand back to.. what is this cable called and where does it go? Not sure how to get back to it without tearing the whole dash apart

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