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Inverted Camelback


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I am rebuilding my rear suspension, and can't find a parts break down for the inverted camelback set up. The rears walked all over the place but the trunion bushings don't look bad. Standard camelbacks have inner steel spacers that keep the spring mounts from walking to much, but my suspension has no spacers behind the mounts.  Am I missing something or does this suspension not have them. I don't want to do all this work and my tires still rub the ubolts in a tight turn. I also can't find part #s for the trunion bushings    Thanks

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Using your VIN, a good  dealer can get you the numbers and an exploded view of what you are looking for.  Without knowing which model suspension is in your truck, it is hard to say what you need.

I don't have inverted info, many standard camel back suspension did use the T shaped spacer 13QK246 to resist lateral movement in the insulator boxes as you mention.



It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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