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e-7 mech injection pump questions


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looking for some input on the specs. on a mech. bosch inj. pump on my e-7. what size barrels are they fuel flow rate etc. ive looked on the ol' web for too long and didn't learn a thing yet. what im up to, is looking to learn how this thing works for sure before i attempt to get a bit more power out of it. pump is a new manders rebuilt that i put on this 95 e-7 motor that had a v-mac 1 setup on it. runs great have 97000 miles on it since i did it. manders stage 2 injectors(whatever that rates for) a 460 turbo. seems to me its running out of fuel / not getting enough to start with? never runs high egt, and puts out 30-35 psi of boost here lately. this winter it was 38-40 all the time. dont really want to just start dinkin around in there without some heads up. any ideas? Plus, like anyone else, id like to get as much power as i can safely get. id like 450-475ish if i could. not running out west anymore pulling mountains or high heat. i didnt want to turn it up much before because of that, but now i believe its a bit safer to do it now.

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