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Drew Gardner

New to the fourm, and macks. Looking for my first B model

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Your story sounds almost like mine. I am into antique tractors and steam engines as well and wanted something interesting to haul them to shows. I purchased a B61 last summer and I am in the process of restoring it.

I found a perfect specimen in Ohio. 1959 B61 single axle Thermodyne Duplex. It was in driving condition with many extra parts the owner had collected over the years as his plan was to do the same thing. Haul tractors.

I am about 1 year into the restoration and I am getting way deeper that I originally planned. It will be nicer that it should be for a truck I plan to use.

It is fun and addictive to get into these old trucks. I have the old brakes and I don't really see an issue with them. I plan to rewire and replace all air lines before hooking it up to a trailer to use. Floor is rough but repairable. I have done quite a bit of body work but nothing too difficult.

It is 80% complete and I plan to shoot the cab with paint in November before putting it all back together.

Just to give you an idea; I paid $3800 for the truck including many extras that I plan to sell once my project is complete. I have doors, removable fenders, starter, generator, PTO, injector all as spares. Let me know if you need any of these items.

Welcome and enjoy the process. It will be worth it.

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i think the only thing better the 11x24 is 12x24 actually

You New Englanders sure like your 12.00x24's. Why is that exactly?

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