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High speed ``Link`` location on 06 CXU

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I have an reaccuring fault code concerning high speed link from ECM to engine that shuts down engine.Similar problem was an easy fix on my 99 CH, high speed cable and Deutch connector were right there with the other harnesses, but is nowhere to be found on this one. I have opened the one harness that was big enough to hold a Deutch connector following instruction from local dealer with no luck.Have they supressed the seperate high speed link and integrated it with the main harness? Pulling hard on the cable harness will allow motor to startup again so i am getting warm... Had to pull truck off of job this weekend because of this.

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Hey Man. If you find out let me know. I have a 99 CX613. Im not sure how similiar they are, but i'm having a hard time just finding anything about fuse and relay locations. The dash mounted fuse block doesn't have a diagram on it and it's got those old style metal fuses and I cant tell whats blown and what isnt. If i just knew what to check and where it was would be a big help. Good luck with your problem bro. I hope you get back up and running.

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You have 2 communication systems on most modern Macks- The high speed J1939 system and the slower j1587. The engine will run if one or the other is lost but will not run if both are gone. Sounds like you are loosing either power or ground to your engine ecu, therefore you get loss of communication. Everything is integrated into the chassis harness-ABS, communication(J1939 can1 and can2, J1587) and chassis wiring.

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