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new guy looking to buy a superliner


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Hi all. Im Nick from New York. Im will be 25 in about a week. I am a graduate of the diesel tech program at Suny Morrisville. I have been a truck lover since I can remember and a mack lover for a long time. I grew up on a 600 acre farm and still work there. we borrowed a 84 r model tandem axle tractor for a while. it had a 237 with a 5+2. was a fun truck and the first tractor trailer I drove. we had a flat deck for hauling hay and a dump trailer for hauling silage. when we were no longer able to borrow it I pieced together a 79 ih s1724 that I bought for about scrap price. junked the big block that was in it and installed my dt360 that I had bought for a pulling truck that never got built. fast forward to last fall. I rolled it over on the silage pack and destroyed the lift cylinders and badly tween the converted dumping stake body. after that happened I borrowed a 87 dm mack with a 300+ and 9spd. 58k rears and a drop axle. that was a really nice truck and was for sale but the guy wanted 10k for it and I knew that I couldn't afford it at the time really(my girlfriends uncle ended up buying it). But I always had my eye on the super liner that the retired excavation guy had down the road. he has been long time friends with my father. I finally asked to look at it the other day and that is why I am here now. it is an 84, has an em9 400hp. 12spd maxitorque trans. spread rear axles, with camel back springs and walking beams. Dayton wheels all around. very nice ~16ft dump body that is setup to be heated( ill never need it to be). at 1 point it had a lift axle. shows 384xxx miles and about 6k hours if I remember right. interior is ok, but driver seat shot.( I have a good used 1)I mad the guy an offer and he didn't say no. the truck has not been on the road since 2010 and hasn't moved in about 2 years. I went back yesterday and rolled the hood again. it has the v style injection pump, which I though it should have the inline p-pump. it does have the charge air cooler. exhaust is rotted. is there anything else I should look for? he says he had to put a new cam in it. do these motors have any serious problems? I usually don't post much but do a lot of reading and browsing. I do try to put in my input sometimes though to help out. this looks to be a great site. THANK YOU

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Welcome to the group.

At around 1992 the pumps were changed to inline models. Paul


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