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Need a Dayton Style Wheel For My B-61

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Laides and Gents,

I am hard at work restoring my 1965 B-61 and when I got around to sandblasting the paint off the Dayton-Style spoked wheels, I realized that one of my rear wheels is broken. I am in the process of switching over the tires from tubed to tubeless (11R22.5) and although I have new demountable rims, I intend to use the original Spoked wheels. If someone out there (who will be traveling to the York, PA Truck show at the end of this month or to Macungi, PA next month) has a spare Dayton wheel they would like to sell that is in good shape, I would be interested. I am going to be at both shows previously mentioned and could pick the wheel up from you their. Or if you are within striking distance of the Tidewater area of Virginia, I could come and get it. Please PM me at: greasley@cox.net if you can help me out.

PS: Just on the outside chance...I am also searching for "Thermodyne" and "Diesel" badges for my hood. Please let me know if you can help me out in this arena as well. Thanks

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That is awesome. I can take a picture of the ones on my truck and send it to you to see if they match yours. If so, and your wheel is a good one, I would be glad to hear a price from you. Thanks for the reply. Phil

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