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Paccar elects new director


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Prime Mover Magazine / January 21, 2015

Beth E. Ford has been elected to the Paccar Board of Directors, succeeding John M. Fluke Jr. effective 21 April 2015.

“Paccar is very pleased that Beth Ford will be joining the Board. Her years of management experience in international business, logistics and manufacturing will benefit Paccar in its global growth,” said Mark Pigott, Paccar Executive Chairman.

“The Board thanks John Fluke for his 30 years of excellent service to the company. John has provided superb judgment and counsel as a director and we will miss him.”

During her 25-year career, Ford has held operating and senior leadership positions with global companies in industries including chemicals, food and beverage, publishing and oil and gas. She is currently a director of Clearwater Paper Corporation.

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With the election of a new director to Paccar who has zero background in the heavy truck industry, it's no wonder why foreign truckmakers now dominate the U.S. heavy truck market.

Zenon C.R. Hansen adamantly opposed having anyone on Mack’s board of directors who lacked the necessary qualifications.

When Zenon C.R. Hansen returned to Allentown in 1985 to speak at the American Truck Foundation directors meeting, he was asked flatly, if he was brought to Allentown as an adviser for Mack management.

Hansen wasn't afraid to openly discuss Mack's recent problems.

"All you have to do is read the daily business items, and you will find out that some businesses that existed 10-11 years ago have been absorbed," Hansen said. "Now, I don't think that's going to happen to Mack. What the ultimate outcome is of the problems, or questions, that they have to answer now. I can't tell you.

"All I know is that I had a very fine relationship when I was in Allentown with Mack employees. They were absolutely super, and also with the Mack union (United Auto Workers).

"From everything I have learned, the present management of Mack has that same relationship. But what the exact problems are, I can't say. I learned a long time ago that you don't talk about something you don't know something about.

"I can't say what Mack directors are doing now," Hansen said. "I've been gone 11 years. I don't have the recent background with Mack. Now, maybe I'll have it before I leave, but I don't have it now. As far as I can see, they're doing a fine job.

"But I have a very concrete background to compare with - the directors who were running the company before I came (in 1965). We dispensed with those directors and got others who knew something about trucks.

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From what is posted it looks like a politically correct appointment. No experience in field but it does break another glass ceiling. They are not righting a wrong but just making another wrong appointment. I have nothing against anyone being appointed to a position as long as they are qualified. The first female Attorney General in Penna. history is always in the soup as she is way over her head.They keep saying how they broke the glass ceiling on the good old boys.Joe D.

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