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1980 R-686ST EM6 285 Oil leak behind injector pump

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Had the truck out to day for about an hour and it seems the oil leak is getting worse so I guess it is time to pull the injector pump and tighten the bolts on the inspection covers on the block.

My question is does it require a timing light or can everything be done mechanically?

How long should it take to do i.e. pull a working pump off and re-install? I figure about half an hour to reseal and tighten the bolts. I called around and everyone seemed scared to work on it and the Mack guys told me to bring the truck by on Saturday as the "old timer" Mack guy only works the weekend for some reason.

I want want to know if it is something I can do or if it is best left to the Mack guy and if to him how long should it take to fix so I can get a ball park on how much it may cost. One shop told me 26hrs to pull the pump and put back on at $175 per hour plus misc expenses. That is over $4500!

It has a Robert Bosch pump, not sure if that makes a difference, when I put a new fuel transfer pump on it everything came apart easy enough and it is clean except where the oil is dripping on the bottom of the block. I figured no more than 6 hours, but not getting it timed right and special tools has me worried about doing it myself.



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