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2010 MP8 With excessive blow-by


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Hello, I'm new to the site & this is my first post. We've got a 2010 MP8 engine in our CXU613. We're getting a lot of oil going thru the separator and dumping on the ground. The separator is spinning and we have cleaned it. We've got no engine codes. Is there a specific # for crank-case pressure that we should be at or below? Any other input would help! Thanks!

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We have had 2 MP's here blowing oil out the blow by tube. One was a MP7 and the other a MP8. We did the compression test and cylinder balance test with the laptop and all looked good. Replaced the complete crankcase spinner assembly ( not just the spinner kit) and this solved the problem in both trucks. Also the oil spray nozzle can fall out of the bottom half of the assembly and cause other issuses. Its only a few dollars more to get the complete assembly.

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