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Rear Main Bearing


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l am now repairing the latest disaster on moose my 1960 b-61 serial 29171. The last time l had her out l spun a rear main bearing. The crank looks like it isnt hurt but it has a streak of copper on it from the bearing shell that is about two inches long and maybe 20 thousandths thick. How can l get it off without hurting the crank? Would any of you out there have these bearing shells ? The part # on one is 77 3 7 over 64GB21527-p1 and the other (with the oil hole) is 64GB21527 P-1 over 77 7 6. I am assuming that as they are not so marked that they are not oversize is that correct? This ignorance stuff is ok most of the time but I seem to be in the dark with almost every disaster and repair so far. Thanks

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If the brg spung you will have to pull engine down and line bore the main brg bore and then have them polish the crank and clean the block and if it has a oil cooler then replace it. If you dont do that you will have it happen again and i mean before it gets hot. Pull the oil pump apart and check it to.

glenn akers

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