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  1. l am now repairing the latest disaster on moose my 1960 b-61 serial 29171. The last time l had her out l spun a rear main bearing. The crank looks like it isnt hurt but it has a streak of copper on it from the bearing shell that is about two inches long and maybe 20 thousandths thick. How can l get it off without hurting the crank? Would any of you out there have these bearing shells ? The part # on one is 77 3 7 over 64GB21527-p1 and the other (with the oil hole) is 64GB21527 P-1 over 77 7 6. I am assuming that as they are not so marked that they are not oversize is that correct? This ignorance stuff is ok most of the time but I seem to be in the dark with almost every disaster and repair so far. Thanks
  2. since l last wrote about the trials and travails of my B 61 l have found out a lot more about repairing moose than l wanted to. after the last post l painted her up and thought the battle was over. l put plates and insurance on it and took her to get inspected she started to skip and smoke on the way and while in the garage discovered not firing on # 6. back home (total trip 2 miles ) l found no compression on that cyl. After pulling rear head l discovered exhaust valve eaten away under the hard surface face until you could see through. L then iscovered #4 had the same problem but for some reason was still firing. Also l found that there was no oil going to the rocker shaft on the back head. l eventually did a complete re build on both heads and devised an outside oiler setup for the rocker shaft by running a one eighth line from the luberfiner fitting to the valve cover cap screw which l drilled to admit oil to the bracket and shaft. L had posed a question on the forum about how to solve this problem but never got any replies. l am pretty sure that #5 cam bearing had spun and shut off oil flow. Once l had it all back together it ran like a champ and still had 60 pounds cold and 40 pounds hot oil pressure. l just recently put on fuel tank #4 (the first three l cleaned and sealed but they still leaked that precious fuel) on the way back from getting fuel the engine began to lose power and when l pushed in the clutch it seized. Now l have ppan off and rear main has spun. I am getting about 2 miles per repair, forget the miles per gallon. The thrill is beginning to wear off. I have done mechanic work most of my life ( l am 61 ) and never got onto a project like this one-----more later
  3. I had valve problems with my end673, When l took off the rear rocker cover l discovered that no oil was getting to them. I took off rocker shaft----allclear. Took head off---oil passage clear. ran wire down oil passage to #5 cam bearing---allclear. Turned engine over with starter and front passage plugged--no oil. One old mechanic advisor says "cam bearing spun" another says "oil tube leaking or disconnected" Do not want to spend a lot of time going in the wrong direction. Any one have this problem before? Any other ideas? Moose --------thanks!
  4. Moose


    Moose is a b-61 single axle tractor built in Dec. 1959 and delivered to Trans Lux oil Co. in Titusville, Pa. How long it was there l cannot tell. The next place l have been able to place it is Moore excavating in Batavia, N.Y> Next owner was Mr. carlyel in Canandaigua N.Y. He sold it about 1990 to a Mr. Treichler who had plans to fix it up which never materialized. Moose then sat out in a patch of weeds with no hood or fenders on it for about 14 years. The engine was not covered nor were the windows rolled up. The water was drained but not from the compressor which of course split open. All of these events pushed poor moose down into the price range that l could handle. lbought it in Sept. of 04 and have been working pretty steady on it ever since. There was water in the following: fuel tanks {until the bottoms rotted out} air compressor{ until it split} oil pan {been welded}, fuel pump, fuel filter, and at some point in the engine which was REALLY set up! Doors and fenders were too far gone to saved, tires allrotted, door hinges and latches worn beyond use, you name it ! it was either worn out or broken, sometimes both. Now Aug. 06 moose is up and running good fenders and doors, almost ready for paint. Anyone out there able to shed any light on Moose's past?
  5. l have removed the old rectangular steel step tank from my 1960 B61T and want to install a round aluminum step tank that l bought from a friend complete with brackets, also from a B61. Now l have been told that to do this all new holes have to be drilled inthe frame. Has anyone done this that can verify this? thanks, Moose
  6. looking for a wiring harness for a 1960 b61t #29171 or a really good diagram. a lot of the wiring was removed so l can not rewire by the one wire at a time method thanks, moose
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