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2008 MP8 Engine Question

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Good Evening... A Newbie here...

Have a 2008 MP8 @ 417HP that developed a small oil leak recently on the right side of the engine. We have narrowed it down to the oil filter base as it was seeping out around the heads of one of the bolts.

We have procured a new gasket to seal the filter base to the block. That was the easy part...

Is it possible to change this gasket without removing the EGR cooler? Working with a small light and a mirror, and can't seem to get the filter base off. Gasket has 8 bolt holes in it, and we've removed 8 bolts, but something seems to be keeping it in place. Is there a common attachment or something between the EGR cooler and the oil filer base?

Posted this question on an Ag Machinery forum, and one of the opinions was that the EGR cooler and turbo needed to come off.... Really? For an oil filter head gasket replacement?

We purchased the truck used, and it had sat for 9 months. Been to the Mack hospital to diagnose some sensor issues, but outside of that real happy with the truck - just under 500K miles... Just want to repair a pesky oil leak.

Any and all wisdom greatly appreciated...


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