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2001 ch613

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Hey everyone hows it going. Looking at purchasing a truck and there is a 2001 ch613 with 730k on it,10 spd with 3.55s that has caught my eye for what I want to spend. Never had any experience with a Mack. Always have been blessed to drive freightliners with a series 60 in them. Owned on myself and my dads shaker and detroit have been very good to him the last 18yrs. Right now with all the glider trucks and emmisions junk on trucks I am finding pre-emmission detroits hard to find and when i do the price is high on them. I will be doing local can work with it and generally always up around 80 to 90k gross. Just kinda wondering how the ch's are bc im pretty ignorant when it comes to a mack. I will be having fun with the search button but any info would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a 2001 with a 460 and 18 speed with 3.86 rears. Pulls like crazy mileage is 6.5 to 8 and has 950,000 miles on it. I run the overhead every 250,000 and put injectors in. RFI stage 2 injectors and that bumps it up to 500+ It all depends how they're maintained. I used Shell Rotella since new and it still only uses 2 quarts to 10,000 miles.

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I have an 01 cx613 427 13spd 3.73 My first Mack I came from Red Oval and 525 n14. Wanted to try a dog so I bought this one in March. There is a lot I like about it and some I don't but you will have that with all of them. It was low mileage pre emmision and had been on the show circut so lots of bling. That's why my wife says I bought it. I had to add RFI stage 2 injectors turbo and custom ecm program to get the power up to where I wanted. Its a little slow on take off but once up to speed it will flat pull. Like milk man my worst econ was 6.2 and the best was 7.9 but usually around 7 running in the low 80 range gross on mostly 2 lane roads. It has had a few bugs but I'm hoping its just because previous owner only logged about 5k per year and now its getting shook down earning its keep. All in all its a good truck. And the best driving truck ever just steers and goes down the road like a car.

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