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Valve adjustment on 676. finding tdc?


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hi guys. need some help setting the valves on my mack. the engine has ENDT 676 stamped on it. its a 2vh with dynatard, I have the valve set procedure in front of me. it says in the book I have, to set each cylinder 30 degrees passed tdc. it also states that there is a pointer located on the block marked "valve" that lines up to marks on the damper. There is no pointer on the front of my engine. so i went to the scrap yard to find one. but there were no pointers on those engines either. there is however, a pointer on the very bottom of the flywheel housing. but I cant make sense of the markings on flywheel. all i can see on flywheel is a series of holes. do these mean something? or just for balancing purpose? any help would be appreciated. thanks!

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On the engine with the timing marks at the bottom of the flywheel there should be a mark in the center of the housing and the flywheel will have a set of marks in degrees on it with tdc at the beginning and it should have 1/6 marked on it. The turn wheel some more to 2/5 and then 3/4 marks on the wheel.This engine could be mismatched with parts.it happens.

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glenn akers

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