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ENDT673C Oil Circulation Diagram

j hancock

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That's funny! I was just looking at those same pics in my book last night! Was just about to comment on the direction of oil flow.

Great minds, huh?

I found a note in my manual which indicated that, at one time, the oil flowed through the filter first, then through the cooler. But, as shown in your pictures, the "current production", as they called it, went through the cooler first, and then through the filter. So, the images I posted are correct for my particular model.

And, agin, the filter is holding oil today. So, the check valves work...sometimes.

You know, I remember my dad pulling the can out of an old R when I was just a young'un, and that can was not full, either. And, I know he had not drained it. I guess check valve issues were common on those cans...even back then.

"Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines."

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