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Truck World Show

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Hello everyone. I posted a bunch of pics in my gallery of the Truck World show I just attended in Toronto, Ontario. Keep checking in later in the week and I'll try to get more pics up. I can only get this crappy dial up internet in my area and it took me 6 hours to get 20 pics posted. :angry: So I'll try to do a little at a time when I can.

They had that red Titan there along with the Rawhide sleeper cab that is in all the brochures and adds. They also had a nice yellow Pinnacle with all the new technology such as that no idle system, and a Simard twin steer Granite dump truck. I'll try to get pics up of the MP8 and MP10 cut-away motors they had on display. I have to say, that new Rawhide interior package is awesome. I love the oxblood red and white two-tone. I think it's the nicest interior Mack has offered so far. Especially the paw print floor with the chrome diamond plate floor mats. Nice little touches. The guys from Simard said they can't wait to offer the Titan with their twin steer front and tri-drive on the rear. That's going to be one impressive looking monster. That twin-steer Granite dump had lots of nice features too, like the heated windshield.

The Mack and International booths pretty much stole the show.

Another truck of interest was a 1971 International Super Transtar. One of only 67? made. It was restored 100% original and had a big red V12 Detroit under the cab. Brought back some old memories when I heard that 2-stroke Detroit running.

The pic of the Harley is a bike Mack gave away. It was all decked out in Mack emblems.

The Titan was pretty nice. I can't wait to see the future versions with sleepers and a heavy dump application. I liked the new air cleaner set up under the cab, and there was lots of room under the hood. I'm looking forward to the one my local dealer is bringing in to demo. They are getting one with a wetline system, so I'll have to try it out.

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