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MR dash light problem

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Ive been working on a 2012 MR. Its been to the dealer for this problem under warranty, but now warranty is over. The problem will start out with the circuit breaker for the marker lights will pop then reset. But my major problem is in the dash lights, it keeps burning out headlight switches. Ive narrowed it down to dash lights. If i power up the wire for dash lights with a power probe all my switches will light up for 2 seconds(breaker on the probe pops), no gauge back lighting. If I plug in a new switch it burns out the dash light circuit in the new switch. any advice will help. Thanks Pete

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sounds like a short in the system somewhere.

trace all wires to see any black/scorched areas

any places that wires may be rubbing against metal

could also be two wires crossing and popping breaker

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Thats what i was figuring. I only have 1 day a week to work on it. Unfortunately this truck is double shifted 6 days a week. One of the drivers likes to drink coffee with no cover on his cup, so everything under the center console is covered in goo. Ive tried using my fault finder, no luck there. I was hopping there is a common spot under the dash someone knows about. lol . im not that lucky.

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