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what is v mac fault code 4-3

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Hello. I have a 92 CH613 with an E7 non-etech engine. I am getting a fault code 4-3. I look up the code, and read MPH sensor inactive in one source, but the other source says its a clutch fan output sensor error (or something) like that.

Can anyone help to tell me with one it is for my truck, and how to fix it.



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A blink code 4-3, for v-mac 1 or 2, is mph sensor. The fault is an abnormal frequency or pulse width which means the sensor is out of adjustment. To adjust the MPH sensor, turn sensor in by hand until it contacts, back out one full turn. Torque the jam nut 15 ft/lbs. It might be best, though, to remove the sensor and inspect the tip for damage. If all looks ok then no harm done.

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