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1983 superliner steering issue.

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Hi all,

I'm having problems out of my mack. It will turn fine to the left but will only turn about halfway to the right. The truck shop is saying the steering box is the issue but it doesn't seem crunchy or have any excessive slop in it. I can get about 2.5 turns to the left and only about 1.25 turns to the right. Any ideas what may be causing this issue?


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ok will need more info: did it do this all at once? are the wheel stops hitting the axle beam in both directions, does one side hit the stop and will the steering wheel want to turn further? does the timing mark on the sector shaft line up with the mark on the pitman arm? oh does this truck have dual steering gear?

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It's been like this since we bought it a short time ago. I know the steering box was replaced at one point. The mark is dead on on the sector shaft. As far as the wheel stops ill have to take a closer look at it and get back to you.

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