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Lawyers Get CDL's

General Ike

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This is an interesting video. This firm's core business is representing the trucking industry. As a way to better understand the people and companies they defend they went to truck driving school and all received their CDL's. At first I'm thinking to myself "oh great so now they think they are truck drivers" but at the end of the video the senior attorney makes a statement indicating that although the attorneys don't have near the experience that the career truck drivers do, at least they can speak the same language.


Ed Smith

1957 B85F 1242 "The General Ike"

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Kudos to them.

Now that you have a CDL, make use of it once in a while to keep fresh.

Most attorneys have no idea what is what on a truck, BUT they "know" you did something wrong

Success is only a stones throw away.................................................................for a Palestinian

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