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2001 e7


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Hello. Working on a mack e7. Truck was running fine one day and parked overnight. The next morning when started up it ran rough and blowing smoke . White and it's fuel took a temp reading from each exhaust port and the first 3 are cold 50 deg while running the back 3 were 300 deg. Pulled head looked ok and plugged in another ecu same result. Anyone ever have this problem? Thanks for any input

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Depends on what year model e7 we're talking about here. If an e-tech I would look at the injectors, air in the fuel or fuel pressure. If an e7 (inline inj. pump) could possibly be TEM sensor, econovance timing actuator, injectors, fuel psi, possibly timing gear movement on camshaft, internal injection pump issue.......

Good luck

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I have 4 2001 RD688S trucks with the E7 LSR Etech engine. I've had to replace the camshafts in all 4 of the trucks when they got around 200000 miles on the clock. I found the problem by pulling the unit injection pumps on the misfiring cylinders and pull the cam follower out of the hole. The roller on the bottom of the unit pump cam followers were torn up and the cam was no good. Pretty common problem with this engine. Mack used to sell a cam kit to replace the cam & all the followers for around $1800.00. When I did the last 1 the cam kit was discontinued and all the parts had to be bought separate. Cost of separate parts close to $3000.00.

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