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Superliner Hood Stainless Steel Stone Guards

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I been fabricating a few Stainless goodies for my Superliner lately and I was figuring on buying a full sheet of 14 or 16 gauge for a deckplate and a few other small things and I had a few of you guys ask me where I got the stone guards on my hood. I bought them over 10 years ago and you can't get them anymore. so I was wondering While I have a guy cutting an bending other stuff for me if I was to take my stone guards and duplicate a batch of them with all the fasteners and spacers included with each set, how many of you would be interested in a set. I'm not sure yet on a price per set but I know I paid $150 for mine over 10 years ago, but if there's enough interest an we run off a big batch I'm sure we can beat that price. I'll be getting a couple prices on a sheet of material from a couple supplier. If anyone might be interested send me a PM and if there's enough interest to justify me running a batch off , I'll get an actual price figured out and we'll do it.

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