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Just how much rear end dope, grease needed


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Hello, I am only one that probably needs help on this one but I can use some advise. Have a B Model, single drive axel, and don't correctly know if I am filling up rear-end right or not. It has Dual reduction box on front, with fill plug on top, very rear of 3rd member, slightly below the "Mack" raised letter is fill plug. Question, do I fill in from the top plug on top of Dual reduction box till it grease runs out of fill plug on rear of 3rd member housing?? Also, living in the south, what wt. should I use? The dual reduction box sits so high above the 3rd member I feel that I am not putting in enough grease to also give lube to dual reduction gears if I stop when grease starts running out of rear end fill plug. Also I have a sound, not a knock but almost like a wrist pin sound. Could a bad injector produce a sound that seems its coming from within the motor. Engine runs smooth, 653. Engine has not changed sounds in the 3 years I have been running it. Any help to above would be greatly appreciated. I have the Mack operation book but time to go to the experts. Cliff of Georgia

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