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I couldn't find the previous thread on this, but my heater is not working. The hoses are connected. They come down from the ac/heater unit and one hits a tee (photo) and goes into a small silver cylinder on top of the transmission. Is this a fuel pre-heater (photo)? then the hoses go over the front of the engine and one ties into the front, the other on the drivers side into a valve like a faucet on your house (photo). Help, its about to get cold again.




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the hose coming off your water manifold on top of the engine with the "water valve" is the pressure side of the heater core. follow that hose because it too should have a tee connected to it to feed the fuel preheater. With the engine running what does your water temp get up to after the engine warms up? If your temp is anything under 180 your thermostat is stuck open, start there.... Next after warm up feel the heater hoses and determine if they are getting warm. both at the fuel pre heater and at the heater core connections. if the fuel pre heater hose get warm and not the heater core then one of 2 things will be wrong... the heater control valve is stuck shut (cab temp control) cable unhooked or siezed. or your heater core is plugged.

The antifreeze will travel in that circuit to the path of least resistance. if you determine that your heater core is not getting any antifreeze flow, after cleaning the core, and or getting the control valve opened, I would give the fuel preheater it own supply path of coolant, find another pipe plug in that water manifold and feed it with that...

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