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Cruiseliner cab parts

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Im fairly new to this site. Like it a lot so far. Does anyone know of a Cruiseliner registry? Also, where can I find interior parts for an EASTCOAST cab. Far as I know they were built from 81 to 83. I have a westcoast cab for parts but there is a world of difference.

Remember if it's got a hood it's no good!

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The Mack Museum has a list of vendors with everything from engine/driveline components to sheet metal, to glass/rubber seals, etc etc etc. If you have not already, send them an email with your VIN, and in 8-10 weeks you will get copies of your factory file on the truck including all original build sheets, pick sheets, etc. You will also get the list of vendors. They provide you with this for free, however send them a nice donation (don't be cheap- when you get your package in the mail you will understand why not to be cheap.)

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