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exhaust brake not working


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Hi can someone help me, I'm trying to activate the exhaust brakes of my Mack Vision but there is a switch on the dash that doesn't work. It could be the exhaust or engine brake not too sure the switch has got three steps. Could it be an electrical issue?



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Bad switch?

bad fuse?

wire disconnected somewhere?

remove dash panel where fuses/circuit breakers are

check the diagram for proper breaker, replace with a known good or put a jumper wire in to see if that is where the problem is

You can reach behind the switches and shake some wires around, maybe a loose connection

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The 3 position switch should be your engine brake. Do you have an exhaust brake? If you have an exhaust brake you will see it on your exhaust pipe. If you dont see anything on the exhaust pipe, you dont have an exhaust brake. I dont think Ive ever seen a vision with an exhaust brake.

Does your cruise or high idle work? If not, it could be a clutch switch out of adjustment. The switch is mounted on the clutch pedal. Push the clutch pedal down and you should hear it click.

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Wow, yeah that should be the switch but there are multiple reasons why it may not work, air pressure switch, clutch disengage switch, breaker, relay, solenoids, ecm function output, ecm function input, yeah cant figure that one out from here.

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