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Harry is alive and well, I communicated with him earlier this year through emails. He was at the ATHS show in Yakima last year. My father was one of the original "Dirty Dozen"- the 12 Owner Operators who were with Harry (Muschlegel) when he started JEVIC back in the early 1980's. My father retired from there after 28 years with Harry in 2004. I myself worked in the Willingboro Fleet Maintenance shop for a few years- mostly doing trailer sheet metal repairs. That F Model was indeed his, and is painted up in the original JEVIC two-tone blue. The only F-Model JEVIC ever ran was the one he coincidentally bought from my father- a 1978 Allentown tandem screw with a 300+ and a 10 speed.

I did a lot of work on some of his hobby trucks- I worked Mon-Fri day work until 3:30pm, and then usually stayed for 2-3 hours on "The Harry Clock." I stripped, sandblasted and primed the entire frame of one of his H models.......And a lot of misc work on some of the others including the black-over-red poospreader that Gene Tackaberry now owns. Harry might try to make Macungie 2014.

Mark- are you speaking of Maurice- who worked at JEVIC and then went to New Century (also known as "Jevic Part II: The Sequel.") I remember when Harry was in love with PPG Durethane paint, which apparently was a pain in the ass to blow.....So the PPG salesman offered to bring Maurice to their training shop for a 2-day class, so Maurice got a 2-day trip to Pittsburgh just to learn how to blow Durethane.

Randy,yes Maurice is who I meant, one hell of a painter! I met him when we both took a class on Dupont self-etching primer application, got to talking trucks.............well,you know how that goes!..........Mark
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Mack Truck literate. Computer illiterate.

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