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1959 Chevy C60 Kingpin


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I am acquiring a 1959 Chevy C60 Viking, complete, running, and only 94,000 miles. This barn fresh (since1972 only1-2 years of daylight by last owner).

Obviously, there is a problem....Kingpin on drivers side is worn in the axle, not the spindle. I have tried to research what kingpin would be correct but cannot find one that measures the actual size..cannot find a number on the axle... The kingpin measures 1.110" x 7.5" long. All the manuals that I have seen have nothing like this. Can anyone shed light on this problem.


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The mileage is actual...I have known the truck since new...I have researched the kingpins and cannot find a pin with same dimensions. I cannot find bushings either. It appears to be a one of a kind! I spoke to a machine shop about making one for me. They have not returned the quote yet.


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