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What injection pump is this?


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If nobody here needs it Casey at Winrock Truck Parts has a guy looking for 866 parts

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866 should be 375hp gold paint could actually make it an 865 325hp but pump should work on either one who knows what it could be set up for. Try giving Northwest Truck a call in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. 1-800-665-9248 Harold there should be able to give you an educated guess at what to ask for it. A lot depends on who needs one and what they are willing to pay. I've bought lots of stuff off of him and he's given me prices to ask for stuff I'm selling but I never seem to get that for my stuff, I've sold a lot of cheap parts down through the years mostly just to help guys out.

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I've priced E9 pumps from Northwest Truck and I know price wise on them are almost equivalent to the price of a new set of Dale Francis headers. But I don't know what the price of an 865/866 pump, I sold a good used take off pump a few years ago for like $300 -$400. You might be able to pay for a good part of the headers out of that though.

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Its an early 865/6 pump. Probably has an 8VBB.... number on the tag. It wont fit the late 866 as it has a different front housing. The power tower on those engines is also slightly different to accommodate that style of mounting. This pump would also fit an END864C, but would have to be cut back abit, and probably calibrated to 280-300hp. Let me know how you go with it. If no one has already commited to it I would grabit if you were willing to ship it overseas. Regards, Skip

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