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Fuel gauge

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If this a normal old fashioned fuel gauge and they haven't f----d them up yet?

They work to ground.

They're should be two wires on the sending unit, one under one of the screws holding the unit in the tank which would be a ground, the other in the center of the sending

goes to the gauge.

If you put a jumper between the two, with the key on,the gauge should go all the way to full.

If it does then it is more than likely that your sending unit is bad.

If it doesn't then the problem is more than likely in the wiring.


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A 3ft stick will work also, just don't try it at 55!

Yea I know what you mean

The fuel gauges didn't work in most of our trucks. We would try to keep them working but after awhile just gave up on them.

The drivers were experienced enough, they use to write down the mileage when they fueled up and would keep track of the mileage.

This worked just as well, they knew when they needed to fuel.

We had one driver who everybody else kind of kidded because he wouldn't run as far as everybody else did between fueling.

I can still hear him, when they would kid him about it, replying in a deep voice "it's too big to push" !!!


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