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"b" Speedo Cable


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Speedo cable really isn't anything special for B model. You just need to measure the lenght then the dealer can get it for you. It wont look identicle but the ends will work, same for the tach cable. Be sure to check all the related parts to be sure they are not worn or siezed.


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My local NAPA store carries cable up to 18 feet long.

The cable comes in two diameters, and with a little tool to hook all the parts up to make it work.

You cut to fit and install!

Don't forget to lube the cable as you install it and cut the cable about 1/4 inch short.

It grows a little after it's run a while.

30 plus years ago you could buy rolls that were 100 feet long and a bag of ends and a tool to square one end.

Don't know about about now.

Keep a clutchin'

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