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Sometimes loose psi sometimes too much


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Hey- I have a 95 CH 613, it sits around a lot (used on a farm to haul grain). Sometime the air pumps up too high....and sometime the air wont pump at all and looses pressure. I don't understand how the system works so i am having a hard time diagnosing the problem. It has been noticed on a couple occasions in the past year, today it quit pumping up altogether. What part do I need to change, I am not a mechanic , but can change parts like nobodies business. Thanks

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Welcome to the forums.

Governor bad? Kinda like your shop compressor it tells it when to pump.

It reads pressure in system, when it gets to preset number it pushes on unloader valve(so the pump just spins free). Once the pressure drops it kicks it back in again. Typically when a governor goes bad gives you those symptoms.

We're talking a $15 part at local truck parts store. Just replaced mine on the B a few months ago. It was getting erratic and sometimes only getting to 60# of pressure.

Looks like this:




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