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Difference Granite Series

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Hi guys,

I would like to introduce myself. I am working in the Product Management for shock absorbers at ZF Services ( Aftermarket branch of ZF (OE Manufacturer of shocks, clutches...)).

I am trying to solve a problem and the internet couldn't help me at all. So I started registering at this forum and I would like to get your help, if possible:

What is the difference between the Granite Series Models?! I know that there are following models existing:

GRANITE CT713 (21)
GRANITE CV713 (265)
GRANITE GU433 (18)
GRANITE GU533 (11)
GRANITE GU713 (429)
GRANITE GU813 (112)

I just don't know what the difference is. The Mack homepage and google searches couldn't help me at all.

Out of that fact, please help me with your knowledge!

Thanks a lot!

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Some of those model designations may be in error. Basically, the evolution of the Granite series goes something like this,

CV - the original Granite series, (conventional - vocational)

CTP / CTP"B"- updated models for the introduction of the MP7 engine (with no DPF) the "B"designation was a set back front axle

GU7 & GU8 - (Granite, ultra low sulphur fuel) the "7" was axle forward, the "8" is axle back.

The first digit in the model series generally indicated frame family (except the GU's, which share a common frame family), the early Granites were originally introduced as a "bridge formula" version with a lighter frame, and then later updated with bigger "east coast" frames, the second digit generally indicated engine manufacturer, "1" being Mack engines, and other numbers being vendor engines. and the third digit was number of axles.

See my Flickr photostream page



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ZF's OEM unit has a long time relationship with Volvo Truck. Why don't you get some contact info from your colleagues in OEM sales and speak with Volvo Group Trucks Sales and Marketing Americas directly to resolve your questions?

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