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Lightening bolt..

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Hi all, I have a 2004 CH 410HP with 316,000 kms / 9400hrs on the clock & I've only just recently purchased the truck. And I'm located in Australia.

Every now and then the lightening bolt comes on but then will disappear whilst driving. All gauges work fine & all the levels are spot on. Is there anyway to check for inactive codes without a scan tool? because the lighten bolt disappears before I can pull up to check them while they are active. As far as I'm aware performance doesn't suffer at all "this is my 1st truck" so I have limited experience here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Cuzzo

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Not an expert, but I think the computer keeps record of error codes. The only way to get codes on the fly with vmac is to stop and use the diagnostics (if your truck is equipped with the vmac I'm familiar with), or use a scanner.....my lightning bolt comes on when the thermometer craps out. Just means SOMETHING electrical ain't right. Someone with more knowledge than I will chime in I'm sure.

Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part....

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Cool thanks mate. I've also had to jump start it twice now, the truck releases air over night & the low air buzzer / tail lamps have drained the batteries over night. Is there a certain way to shut it down so this doesn't happen??

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When you shut the key off the lights and accessories should turn off if none of the switches are on.

Yeah everything is off, I've been using the "shut down" switch to shut her down. Is that maybe the issue?

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VMAC III will store inactive faults, up to 15 occurrences. If the fault is active you can get the blink code from the cruise switch. With the cruise on/off switch off, toggle the set/resume switch up until the malfunction light goes out. The MIL light will flash a certain amount of times, pause for a few seconds then flash a number of times again. This Is your blink code, repeat to see if there are more codes. It will only flash one code at a time.

If the faults are inactive the you will need something to retrieve the codes.

The brake lights should not come on with low air with the ignition key off-unless Australia chassis is different which I don't think it is. Could be a relay won't power down or, worst case, vehicle ecu won't power down or anything for that matter really.

Good luck

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