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oil preesure gauge

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oil pressure gauge went crazy.one sec it would be pegged next it would go to zero.finally other day it wouldn't work at all.so i tried to get through day and fix that night but truck wanted to regen and tried but it couldnt.so ilimped to dealer and they couldnt get it to regen either.left it overnight and next day they said they changed sensor and thats it,regen worked.does that seem right,could sensor keep it from regening.

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If it's electronic, it would tell the computer something ain't right. before a regeneration, on my 2011 at least, truck has to be in neutral, pto out, etc. All kinds of "self checks" within the computer, and I'm not positive, but adequate oil pressure would be one of the criteria.......just my two (worthless canadian) pennies.

Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part....

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