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What's the freaking difference ?

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What is the difference between a '99 E7 427 engine and '99 E7 460 ??? Injectors ? Valves ? Computer ? I've replaced one with the other but got a slog, doesn't do well in hills. My 427, original engine, gave out at about a million miles. It was very strong. I was talked into buying a 460 but it is awfull on hills. During delivery the the computer was crushed so I had to use my original. Might this be the problem? It has no power. What can I look into?

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I remember at one fleet I worked at we switched back to ordering 427 engines (E-Techs) from 460's. The 460XT (487hp) was no better either.

The 427 did better on fuel and seemed to pull better. If you look up the specs, the 427 has a higher torque rise then the 460.

You seem to get the 460horses on paper but with that poor 12L motor being punched out came at a cost in efficiency and performance.

I also remember some of the E-tech460's we had were waste gated turbos. My 2003 CH E-tech460 (Non EGR, one of the last) has a waste gate.

I know the 427's we had did not have waste gates. I'm trying to remember if my 1999CH with 460 E-tech has a waste gate (I have failed as an owner on this one)

injectors, heads etc. are the same. a lot of it is programing.

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