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1987 Mack R688ST breather and fuel tanks

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Square tanks were standard untill the late 70's with round as an option . Then around 76'-78' round tanks was standard not sure when square were discontinued?...

From what i have seen Air cleaners of all years could be speced for standard short breather or option for a offroad tall breather. There was also an option for twin inlet / under hood air intake.

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The tall vs short air breather. The tall breather stack was used up till the mid 70's (if I can remember right) I believe your 87 should have a short breather stack in fact I'm almost possitive. The dual intake tubes that where mentioned where on the 300 PLUS engines. 300's had single intake tubes. The only options as far as the fuel tanks is aluminum or painted steel in round only post 78.

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I should be more specific....I was not talking about the tip turbine engines...There were also twin pipe air cleaners used to draw under hood air into the filter housing, air entered a pipe under the hood...then that air was filtered in the housing and then sucked thru the turbo and into the engine. Canadian mack trucks often had these..

A lot of dm Mack's that see a lot of dusty job sites often had the tall air cleaner with the inlet near the roof line..

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