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94 E7 CH613 code 3-3

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My 94 CH613 with an E7 (non etech) engine just puked a code 3-3 on me :blush: . This is supposed to be a loss of signal from the injection pump speed sensor.

Can someone help with exactly where this sensor is on the pump? a photo of it would be helpful too.

Is this repair typically a wiring fault, or do these sensors really go bad . I can also appreciate it if I can find somewhere online (or local to Houston) to buy this part.



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go to Mack to get the sensor, one on the pump one on the left side of the engine near the back on the bellhousing under the firewall.

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Check connection at pump , bulkhead and FIC module . Pins 3 and 4 at injection pump main connection is your speed signal wires you can check resistance across both should b 800-1400 ohms if not problem is in pump pin 3 is your + line and 4 is-

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