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Changing reared housings

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I got a 2000 rd with double frame Hendrickson/Mack air ride from factory. I need to change my cracked rear housings both off them are shot. I found a cutoff Mack air ride out of a ch. the ratios are the same. The differences are the ch one is 38,000 pounder, mine is a 44,000. Also the air ride in mine uses the tube from bag to bag vs the flat plate on the cutoff. I am wondering if the spring spacing is the same so I can just remove my rear with spring attached and slap in the ch ones, both of my carriers are worn out also. The cutoff has a rebuilt one in the rear, I am going to take a chance with the front one. I don't need the heavy specs in the truck, never load it pass 80,000. Plus the 38,000 will be cheaper to maintain and lighten it up a little, worst come the worst I will have to buy all new u bolts, I would hate to mess with them because they are all nice and straight and tight, no signs of leaking.

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I had a cracked housing a few years ago....welded it up myself and it's doing just fine. Wasn't really all that tough to do (and would be easier now...bought a bigger welder since then)....just time consuming tearing it all apart and putting it back together again.

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well the switch is complete, if anyone ever does this the air bags are different. the bags from the flate plate design will fit the cast frame plates, I used an exstension on the air line and used one nut, the other bag uses 2 studs.the springs lined up and I changed the top torsion bars and brackets.

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