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Can Bus Wires on GU813E

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Hello guys, thank you for the responses. Basically what I'm looking for is the CAN BUS wires from the engine. Usually a twisted pair of wires coming from one from the computers in the vehicle, I'm going to install a device that will not tap into the wires but it can read the data running through the wires. Something similar to this device,


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From engine to were eecu talks to vecu, gauge cluster mod, abs, dpf ,trans, If you want to read codes there is a heavy duty obd2 truck reader out there . This will only give you enough info to get in trouble . Best bet is to take it to the dealership.

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Thank you guys, but keep in mind I'm not trying to read emissions or correct a fault. There is nothing wrong with the truck, I'm installing a device that will remotely monitor different parameters in the truck but requires the Can wires in order to read those parameters.

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