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Mack RD (1998) engine starts but goes off on idle

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Hi All,

I have a 1998 Mack RD truck with an (electric) e7 engine that will start normally but engine goes off on idle. I am in a part of the world where there is no luxury of experienced mechanics or reliable Mack dealerships. The technicians at the Mack dealership I tried last couldn't fix a problem an ordinary street-side mechanic eventually helped fixed. Someone suggested there could be problem with the brain box but nothing happened when another brain box was installed. Another guy who is supposed to come help diagnose the problem says servicing the truck could be the solution, and that the problem may be due to clogged filters or something close to that. Not sure if the latter make sense to anyone in the house.

Any input or suggestion will help. Thanks.

After getting around for more details, I learn that two days before the problem started, traces of water was discovered in the fuel tank. Could this be the source of the problem? If so what steps can one take to rectify this?

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Your truck being a 1998 is most likey an E-tech E7 that has the V-MAC III program. If you can find someone with the software on a computer or a pro-link scanner, get them to reprogram the shutdown parameters which sound like they are set for a 5 min idle shut down. Another way you may be able side step this issue is by idling up the engine to above set idle using the dash cruise control button.( turn cruise button on and hold accel. button till idle bumps up) most shut down parameters are only set to work at idle speed and shutdown wont work on high idle). Hope that helps.

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