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ECM voltage and current to Electronic injection pump solenoid

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Hello all,

I am still dealing with the issues I discussed in the thread below, but I do have a question based on what we are observing now. I am not physically present at the truck in person, but this based on feedback from the folks working on it. The truck is a 1993 CH613 E7 with an electronic injection pump

We got a new ECM as the old one appears to be fried, but it looks like the replacement ECM is unable to rack actuator open to even allow the truck to start. We replaced the electronic governor with another electronic governor, and still had the same result.

The ECM was bypassed, and 12V battery power was fed to the Electronic pump via the harness between the ECM and pump, and the rack actuator (was powered and the vehicle started. This was with both the two electronic racks. With the electronic racks uncoupled from the injection pump, I am told that the ECM still could not power the solenoid to move the actuator rack

The question I have is this. What amount of power (currrent or voltage) should the ECM be sending to the solenoid magnets to move the rack actuator? Is it equivalent to battery power or is the battery power too much?

From all this information, I am concluding that there is something faulty with the ECM we got and I need to try another ECM.

But I will appreciate any other troubleshooting options for power loss between the ECM and the electronic rack on the pump, assuming the ECM is sending out the correct amount of current and voltage to the pump.


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Hey Okiki I know this is a old thread but I have the exact same thing going on with my truck as you describe ..my test procedures from vmac manual leads right to bad actuator that dont move but when I put jumper leads to battery I can fire the truck right up ...so I am searching for bad ground like you had ...but my question is if my actuator is bad i see you said you replaced the electronic govenor ...where you able to pull that off and replace it without removing the injection pump from the truck or did you have to remove pump to change that govenor ?

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