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Pictures of the Week

other dog

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But how far is it to Winfall?


Saw that cabover KW again, going through New London Monday.


Seen the big orange Mack again.


Had to wait for this fellow to load his truck with his mat loader machine before I could pull up to the mat unloading machine to get unloaded in Clinton, Pa. Tuesday morning.


I saw smoke in the distance...


probably from the power plant in Midland, Pa.


Waiting for the truck ahead to get loaded with the dumpster loading machines.


The dumpster loading machines pick the dumpsters and roll-off bodies up and the trailer backs under them. I loaded the same way. They load dumpsters with one forklift, but the roll-offs are too heavy for one machine to lift.


I loaded 4 roll-offs, one is turned upside down in the other. I had chains on each end of each set too, but i'd already took them off here in Rocky Mount, N.C. post-1374-0-65470300-1362835371_thumb.jp

Some big Mack trucks at the roll-off body unloading place.


Saw this machine there too.


It was snowing when I left Rocky Mount. I was heading to Concord when they told me to go to Petersburg and pick up some angle iron and bring it to Lynchburg, only about 12,000 lbs. I didn't know it was 60' long until I got to Petersburg. It was snowing pretty hard around Blackstone when I was coming back up 460.


Now this is something you don't see much anymore- a Volkswagon bus!


Headed back out to Scio, Ohio with another load of crane mats Thursday. Here's snow on the mountain, the Peaks of Otter.


Here's snow on the trees in West Virginia.


Seen a red squirrel on the fence in Leetsdale, Pa.


Coal bucket in W.V.


KW looks odd beside a Freightliner- or the Freightliner looks odd beside the KW.


Saw a girl on a couch in Winfall last night.


Then I saw a girl in distress in Gladys. I didn't stop because I think the other girl was giving her mouth to mouth rescesistuatiation.


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Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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thanks for sharing,,tom,,,your always a pleasure...thanks for sharing ,,,and welcome home...only one chainup this week woohoo...bob

Way to go Bob! been lucky so-far this year,i have'nt had to hang my iron ONE TIME!...............................................Mark

Mack Truck literate. Computer illiterate.

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I've always liked the rear ends on the VW Buses.

Scio.....been there. :tease: Or at least been through there a few times. Shuster used to buy stair parts from LJ Smith which I'm pretty sure was in that town. If not, it was close by.

It's good to see that the Galdys area EMTs are on top of things.

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