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Bettendorf truck auction


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Went to the monthly US Auctioneers truck auction today in Bettendorf,IA to watch a grain trailer I consigned sell.Sure do feel sorry for anybody that sends a Volvo to these auctions,saw a pair of 2006 Volvo day cabs bring $8k apiece,while a '03 CH daycab brought $16750.That sure says alot,don't it.

Only 6 macks on the sale,'04 Vision,460,13 speed,56" flattop sleeper brought $17500,'04 Vision daycab 355/380 Maxicruise,9 speed,brought $16500. '03 CH daycab setback axle,400,10 speed,brought $16750.'02 CH set forward axle daycab,427,10 speed,brought $18250.Pretty rough '00 Vision,330/355 Maxicruise,9 speed,70" midroof brought $8k,and a '01 RD with a 20' grain box brought $28000.

Didn't buy any trucks today,but did buy a 90" Double Eagle sleeper,think I'll make a camper out of one of my R models.

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Did your trailer bring what you wanted?

Yes it did,I was real pleased.I'd say your buddy coulda made a couple thousand on the one he bought if it had been on the sale.There were 15 hoppers from 2010 to 1981,the good older hoppers actually sold better than the newer ones.My '91 Wilson brought within $3750 of a 2001 Wilson.

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