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Greetings And Salutations

1958 F.W.D.

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Hello everyone, My name is Randy, I live in Hellertown, Pennsylvania, a short distance from Allentown, Pa. I have a true fondness and love for all things Mack, as I grew up in the right-hand seat of two F-Models that my father owned when he was an owner-operator. His first F-Model was a single-screw 1974 I believe, with a 300 and a 5-speed, all he did was haul new Trailmobile Trailers out of the factory in Lansdale, Pa. leased on to Charles Danbury, Inc. Later on he graduated to a twin-screw 1980, with a 350/10-speed when he leased on with Southwest Freightlines, Inc. with another gentleman who then went on to form what is now an extremely large 48-state LTL carrier.

My primary love, however is firetrucks, especially Mack "B", "C", "L" "R" and "CF" Firetrucks. Dad and I are both volunteers in Montgomery County, Pa.

I currently own and operate a 1958 F.W.D. Model F-725, 750GPM pumper, which is the first firetruck I ever rode on. It originally belonged to our volunteer department, and Dad took me to a parade in Bridgeport, Pa. in 1976, when I was three and a half. The truck was sold to a company in Gloucester County, NJ in 1978. I purchased it from them in 2002. It is powered by a 140GZ Waukesha (THUNDER PUMPKIN!) mated to a Clark 5-speed trans, with a Lipe-Brown 15" clutch. F.W.D.'s are pretty rare these days, and firetrucks especially so. Not only do I own a rare truck, but a sentimentally valuable one as well- my two sons went to their first parades on board this truck as well! (With Grandpa in attendance!) I had the truck at Macungie 2005 and 2006, but due to the clutch getting weak, I had to forgo this year.

Someday I hope to own a Mack pumper, ladder truck, or even a tractor of some sort to park next to the F.W.D.!




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Ye ask and shall receive...... The second pic (above, in the previous posting) is circa 1960 or so. The third pic in this posting is circa 1976 give or take a year. As you can see the truck was painted a deeper "maroon" red by the company that bought it from it's original owners (My fire company.)

I will post the story in the story thread, it's a good one! Moral of the story is, is that I now own the first firetruck I ever rode on when I was three and a half!

-Randy Yardumian





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