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CAT trucks


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I have seen several CAT trucks in central PA.

A fleet of CAT yellow dump trucks run Route 22. I see them around Ebensburg. My guess is they are coal buckets. They are always going the opposite direction and the name on the door is too small to read.

Smith Transport (my home town of Roaring Spring) has about 10 day cab semis. They were originally painted CAT yellow but repainted in Smith's black. Smith is mostly Fruitliner (DD engines) with some Petes (Cummins engines).


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There are a few Cat trucks here in TN but they havent taken hold here like other places I think there are only a handful around most people have had issues with acert engines and heard about issues with the trucks and dont want to jump into a $150,000 stripped down work truck that wont run more than a couple weeks at a time.

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