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Eml Light on

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We have a 2005 Granite tri-axle dump with an EML light on. The code is a 3-5 which indicates "engine brake output problem" That makes sense since the jake only works on low when the light is on. When I turn the key off and restart, the light is off and stays off until the first time the jake activates on the hi setting, then the light comes on and it automatically works on the low setting, even though the switch is in the hi position. I would like to tackle this problem myself except I have no diagnostic information of any kind. Thanks for any help in advance!!!

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As Staxx said, the #1 (front head) engine brake solenoid is the bad. You could pull the front valve cover and check the power (valve cover pass through) wire end and the ground wire end and make sure they didnt break off , which is a common occurance. If that is the case you could crimp on and new wire end and test drive.

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